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At a series of 16 Hui between 16 June 2003 and 31 October 2003, the overwhelming majority of Waitangi Tribunal claimants in the Tribunal’s Southern Hawkes Bay Inquiry District (SHBID) resolved to work together to settle their claims.
At a Hui-a-iwi held at Kahurānaki Marae on 31 October 2003, the claimants set up a Working Group and a Communications Committee to develop a framework for advancing the claims, and to ensure regular reporting back to the claimants. In particular, it was recognised that in order to work together there had to be clear lines of accountability between the various claimant groups, between the groups and those directing the claims and clear rules as to when Hui-a-iwi would be necessary to obtain a mandate from all claimants.
Following a series of meetings the Working Group proposed that the objectives would be met through the establishment of the Taumata (He Toa Takitini) as a vehicle for the various claimants to work together to advance the historical claims within the SHBID.
It was envisaged that the Taumata would be responsible for coordinating the work required to be done and maintaining accountability for the work to the claimants. In doing so, it was deemed of the utmost importance that the relationship between the claimants and the Taumata and the duties and responsibilities of the Taumata to the claimants at every step of the claim and settlement process was set out very clearly.
By January 2005 the elections of representatives from each claimant group was completed and in February 2005 the inaugural meeting of the He Toa Takitini Taumata was held and the elections of officers were undertaken. Comprising the elected representatives of the Taumata, the following six sub-committees were established by March 2005:
The activities, objectives and purposes of each of the sub-committees are guided by their specific Terms of Reference. These sub-committees meet on a regular basis and submit their recommendations made and resolutions passed to the Taumata at their monthly Hui for ratification.
In June 2005, He Toa Takitini entered a four month contract for assistance with Crown Forestry Rental Trust (CFRT). Pending the establishment of a legal identity and the other infrastructural arrangements, He Toa Takitini entered into an agreement with Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga for the provision of personnel and operational resources for the 4 month period.
At a Hui-a-Iwi held at Pukehou Marae in September 2005, the claimants ratified a Phase 1 Research Plan (broadly for the purpose of scoping the oral and traditional history, scoping the historical technical reports, providing research assistance and a preliminary mapping overview), and asked He Toa Takitini to make recommendations at the next Hui-a-Iwi on a preferred pathway to settlement. He Toa Takitini is currently working to achieving that end.

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